Sure, money talk can be uncomfortable, but I'm here to change that. When you choose a photographer, it is imperative to find someone you click with personally. You're investing in someone who will create art to last your lifetime. If you're expecting five star steakhouse service at Micky D's prices, chances are you'll end up disappointed with the final product. My kind of people place value in photos, the kind of people that will grab the album before running out of a burning building. The kind that understand that while a cellphone photo can be great, it pales in comparison to that of a devoted professional who has the innate ability to snag a moment that others may not see. If this sounds like you, keep on reading friend!
It's so important to me to capture life's special seasons, so that when we're 93 years old, we're able to whip out those photos and instantly return to the moment they were taken. My goal is for you to feel what you felt in that exact second. Whether it be joy, passion, love, empowerment, comfort, I want you to feel that emotion every single time you see that photo.

an investment you'll 

cherish for a lifetime



I want you to relive that moment.


»maternity, newborn


»pre-wedding consultation
»engagement experience
»8 hours wedding day coverage
»second photographer
»final edited photos delivered via online gallery,  for you to download & share
»printing rights


»customized engagement experience $275
»additional wedding day or
small event coverage $200/hr
»elopements $400/hr, minimum 2 hours
»custom USB $75



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